Welcome to MiaGoesAWOL

You’ve found my blog!  This is the place where I’ll post pictures, stories and other tidbits from my trip to Germany.  A little background information:  I am traveling to Germany through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program.  CBYX is a scholarship program that allows high-school students to study abroad in Germany for one year, free of charge.  I will be leaving the United States in August and heading to Rodenberg, a small town in the northwest of Germany.  Here’s a map: Rodenberg isn’t on it, but the town is just a few miles southwest of Hannover, in the state of Niedersachsen.


While living in Germany, I will be staying with a host family and attending a local high school (while learning to speak German, of course – at the moment all I know how to say is gesundheit!).  I’m also hoping to travel a lot and see as much as I can.  I’ll be updating this site a few times a month – please follow along to see what I’m up too.  You can subscribe to my blog using the button in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page, and my posts will come right to your inbox!  Thanks for checking out MiaGoesAWOL – there should be some interesting stuff ahead!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to MiaGoesAWOL

  1. Good morning, Mia, and welcome to Germany! I have been waiting to hear from you and now you made it accross the Atlantic ocean. I hope you had a smooth landing and the reception was not too bewildering. I am truly curious to hear how you experience Germany, because I never will have this Kind of a perspective on my own country.
    So you now live in the Country side next to a flock of goats – smart animals, you will find. Since you such a good observer you will learn a lot about them – and may be even from them. To me goats often seem wise.
    let me know if we can help you, and do not post pone plans to travel. Fall is a nice season to do so! I believe that you already have a couple contacts whome to see in Germany which makes travelling easier at the beginning. Use it and go for it!
    Ronja is now in Sweden for 1 year (can be easily reached by Train) and Leonie spends 4 weeks in Ireland on an internship. Nils is still working at the Baltic Sea coast sailing away. So there are places to go, dear Mia. For now, I hope that you will find Nähe to People around you and Nähe to plaeces you like. Have a happy day (German icecream is good too). iris


    1. Thank you! I will certainly come to visit you, although with school it might take a little while before I can get away. But I promise I’ll come! Sweden and Ireland also are two of the places I most wanted to visit, so maybe I could meet Leonie or Ronja for a day? That would be wonderful! Thanks for the ideas – and Germany is appearing so beautiful so far!


  2. Mia, you are a true explorer. We are glad that you are doing well and have a great attitude. There is nothing better than German goats.

    Aid Wedershien


  3. Hi Mia! My name is Nate, and I’m currently applying to CBYX through YFU for the 2017-2018 year. If you’d be willing, I have a couple of questions! I’m not sure if you can see what my email is, but if you would be willing feel free to email me! Thank you!


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