Frohes Fest

German Word of the Day:


v., to celebrate

Christmas in Germany has officially come and gone.  Yes, before you all ask, I was sad not to be home for Christmas, but I also had a fabulous time celebrating here with my host family.  We had plenty of company, lots of presents, and way too much delicious food.

our Christmas gathering, opening gifts
our Christmas gathering, opening gifts

Christmas in Germany actually reminded me a lot of Christmas at home.  Food, gifts, church, company, more food, more gifts.  There were a handful of differences, such as not hanging Christmas stockings and setting the tree up on Christmas Eve instead of several days before.  Otherwise, I realized that, at least in my area of the US, our Christmas customs must draw pretty heavily upon German/Northern European traditions.

Anyway, our holiday unfolded something like this:

On Christmas Eve, we put up the Christbaum, or Christmas tree, then gave each other gifts and ate dinner.  At 11:00 pm we went to Church, and then had cookies and Glühwein in the Churchyard until midnight.

On Christmas Day, lots of company came, we ate more food, and opened more gifts.

On the 26th, Christmas Day number 2 (they really have a second Christmas day!)  we had another full day of visiting, eating, and enjoying the holiday before people went back to work.

And that was about it.  Here are some photographs from our celebration:


Some of the food we made:

potato salad for Heiligabend/Christmas Eve
Christmas "Eintopf" (stew)
Christmas “Eintopf” (stew)
"Party Brotchens"
“Party Brotchens”

Preparing the Christbaum:


Midnight Church:


I was a bit too distracted to take too many good pictures, so I hope these can give you a little picture of one German family’s Christmas celebration.  I hope your holidays were all as enjoyable as mine!



3 thoughts on “Frohes Fest

  1. The pictures are beautiful especially the one of the church. I love the Christmas star. Thank you for sharing! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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