Summer Vacation – the UK

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Summer is here, even if the weather in Germany is still largely cold and rainy.  And since school is out, it’s time for vacation!  I got awfully lucky this summer – my host family and I spent two weeks driving around Scotland and England.

On another note, my exchange year in Germany is finishing up this week – so I don’t have too much time to explain how wonderful my visit to the UK was.  But I don’t want to let this trip go uncelebrated, so here are my favorite photos from our trip:

We took a ferry to get to Great Britain.  The journey from Amsterdam to Newcastle, England took over 12 hours, but every mile was beautiful.  We even saw porpoises swimming alongside our ship!


The UK, and Scotland in particular, is full of astounding scenery.  And the prospect of holing up in a caravan underneath the sunset that comes late, late at night makes everything cozier.

We even visited Loch Ness, which I was really excited about – the monster, however, unfortunately didn’t show up.

A short stop in Oxford included one of the highlights of the trip for me – a chance to visit author J.R.R. Tolkien’s haunts, including the college where he taught, his favorite pub, his grave, and the library that holds his original manuscripts.  

Next stop was London!  There was so much to see in that city – we could easily have spent the whole two weeks there and not scratched the surface.  It was so strange to visit the town, because it’s the setting for so many books and movies I’ve loved since I was little; I felt like I’d walked into the story of Paddington Bear, Mary Poppins, or Harry Potter.

We had to take a picture in front of a red telephone booth…but we tried not to make it boring!
The Tower of London
Who wouldn’t dream, just a little, of being a princess, when standing in front of Buckingham Palace?


The London Underground, however, is one thing I could go the rest of my life without using again!  But the free newspapers helped.

I wish I could write more – there is so much more to say!  But I’m counting down the hours now until I head back to the good ol’ U.S. of A., and I’ve got a lot of packing to do!


3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation – the UK

    1. Mia,

      You may not know that I spent three months at Oxford doing a sabbatical at Mansfield College. My boarding room was in the Jericho area behind the Oxford Press buildings. I would often walk by the “Bird and the Babe” pub and I loved to go
      there and see the pictures on the wall of the Inklings. It was a wonderful experience.
      Thanks for sharing,
      Grandpa Werger


  1. What a wonderful trip!! You have really been able to have so many great experiences. The Ramadan dinner being one of them. A good way to get to know other’s traditions. Looking forward to hearing more about your time abroad. Have a safe trip home. Love Aunt Dorine

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